Concrete placing boom to extend limitations pouring concrete       

Concrete placing machine pouring concrete to extend limitations and improve the level of mechanization and open Pumping development of new products. 360 degree frame fabric structure, the whole operation manual full swing arm, loose change. Proper height of the tower is just an easy pulling the rope, you can arbitrarily change the orientation of the fabric, it can be fixed in the elevator shaft, equipped with automatic climbing mechanism, the use of hydraulic lifting, automatic climb in elevator shaft, the fabric machine along floors liter high rises, time-saving, high efficiency concrete walks pump equipment, pump coupled with concrete walks, extending the concrete pumping limitations. Effective disposal of the wall pouring fabric problems, to improve construction efficiency, reduce labor intensity and carry forward the primary outcome. Concrete placing machine with energy, efficiency, economy, combined with other characteristics

Introduce compulsory concrete mixer

Currently on the market a wide range of mixers, this paper has the following types through summaries) - standard mixer, single horizontal shaft mixer, twin-shaft mixer, self-loading mixer and so on. And depending on the concrete mixing machine blade it has also been a series of development, at the beginning of the advent of the concrete mixer fan blade to its current blade of various shapes. Mixer blade material is also developed by the then single steel for todays wide range of steel and non-steel materials. Concrete mixer blade shape wear-resistant parts vary. Variety. Resistance of different blade shapes in concrete mixer mixer mixing process produced is different, it will affect the energy consumption of concrete mixers to some extent, at the same time will also affect the integrated stirring performance concrete mixers. While in the concrete mixer blade selection process. Also need to consider concrete mixer petiole shape and size and other factors, it may cause the agitator blade and petiole not complete mixer mixer stir during the operation, eventually resulting in the failure rate of the drum concrete mixer concrete mixer blade during operation of the rise. In addition, in the installation and use of concrete mixer blade in the process. We need to consider concrete mixer blades relationship between digital mixer during operation of the operating speed on coagulation.

Mixing machine

PVM500 compulsory mixer, the barrel, frame, motor, gear, rotating arm, stirring shovel, scraper clear material and the like. As a result of a cross between a stirring blade shaft assembly is connected to the rotating arm and set the rod or screw regulation stirring shovel working gap, to basically eliminate the jamming of the rigid material in order to reduce running resistance and reduce friction. Face shovel stirring in the vertical and horizontal direction and two obtuse angle between the forward direction, the stirring effect can strengthen and improve the mixing quality. The discharge port provided at the side wall of the cartridge, the cartridge relative to the housing laterally swing and set clear material blade, can accelerate the material, and more thoroughly, but also reduce the mud leakage. Driver program: the motor and the transmission mechanism is placed below the mixing drum; direct drive with cycloid reducer. The use of safety are guaranteed, to avoid the occurrence of these accidents. Compulsory mixers mixing drum is stationary, but by the blades on the cylinder shaft rotates to stir the material (there is also mixing tube relative rotation of the blade to force mixing), and its agitation is strong.

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